The Benefits of Volunteering and Donating to Charity

Volunteering and donating to a charity can be one of the most fulfilling feelings. We did a little digging to see how volunteering and donating to a charity can have a major positive impact.

  1. Be apart of something bigger! It’s easy for us to get wrapped up in our own worlds and become consumed with our day-to-day routines. Break up the monotony, and join a cause! It will give you  something else to focus on while contributing to something that will make you feel good about.
  2. Set an example! When you volunteer or donate to a charity, you’re setting a good example for those around you. Being selfish with our time and money is easy. Being generous with our time and money is much more difficult. Hey, you can even turn volunteering and donating into a family tradition!
  3. You will feel rich! Perhaps not in monetary terms, but your life will feel rich knowing that you have helped those less fortunate than you.
  4. Spread happiness! Positive feelings and actions are contagious. By getting out and volunteering or donating, you’re immediately spreading happiness to those around you. Soon enough, your positive actions will continue to spread throughout your community!
  5. Volunteer or donate in the name of a loved one! Many people donate in honor of a family member that has passed, on behalf of someone struggling with cancer, etc. Donating and volunteering are couple options that can create positive energy from negative energy.
  6. Although this shouldn’t be your main reason for donating, there is a plus for donating monetarily. Keep track of your donation amounts, dates, or carbon copies of checks you write to receive a tax deduction.