Home for the Holidays 2016

As the Christmas season unfolds, our minds reflect on past holidays. We spend time at home with family. We enjoy the company of friends. We bake cookies, create traditions, and share family stories.

The families that come to Family Promise Rochester long for the opportunity to begin a new chapter in their lives. They hold onto hope that they, too, will have a family story to share. With each act of generosity, be it a meal prepared, time spent with a family, or supporting one of our special events, you help to write a line of hope into the lives of Family Promise families. In fact, you have been helping write these wonderful family stories for more than 15 years.

One such story comes from one of our recent guests, Katie. Katie and her family came to Family Promise after moving from place to place, with no place to call home. Services at Family Promise provided Katie’s family with more hope and support than she had experienced in a very long time. Family Promise created the supports she needed to move her family into the first permanent home she and her children had ever known. Katie spoke of the moment they opened their apartment door and her children yelled, “We are home!” Celebrating Christmas with her children in their home means starting a new chapter in their lives. Katie said, “We prayed for a miracle, and Family Promise was there to make things better and push us to do better. We love our new home.”

Your financial support allows family stories to be written. It supports our work and provides a place for hard working families to stay together while working to stabilize and to find a home of their own. This Christmas, I ask for your generous support, so together we can continue to provide a place of hope, opportunity, and welcome for the homeless families in our community.

Mail donations:

Family Promise Rochester
811 7th St NW Rochester, MN 55901

Electronic giving:

Go to our website http://familypromiserochester.org/ and click the “Donate” tab.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, the families we serve, and myself, thank you in advance for your consideration and generosity. Thank you for continuing to help write new stories for families in need.


Karen LaFee, Executive Director