Additional Host Sites Needed for 2018

Becoming a Host Site for Family Promise Rochester

Planning, perseverance, and passion. This is the foundation of what it takes to become a host site.


Getting Started

Family Promise Rochester offers a unique opportunity for volunteering and congregational outreach. Volunteers throughout Rochester and surrounding communities come together to create a welcoming environment for homeless families going through our stabilization program.

Begin with a conversation! Do you have members of your congregation that are movers and shakers? Arrange for a meeting to discuss the opportunities that come along with being a host site and/or have flyers available for those who are looking to get involved with a new volunteer opportunity.


Qualifications for Host Sites

  • Classrooms, offices, etc. that can be used as rooms for families to be in for the week, along with their belongings.
    • Rooms will be set up for the week of hosting. They cannot be taken down during the days and set back up at night, as our families trust that their belongings are safe in the host site rooms while they are out for the day.
  • Space for 4 families
  • A common area for meals, homework, relaxation, and socialization
  • Two bathrooms – 1 for women & 1 for men
    • Showers are provided at the Day House if host site doesn’t have shower capabilities
  • Space for 2 volunteers to stay overnight with the families
  • Able to host 2-4 weeks throughout the fiscal year
  • Volunteers prepare and donate and prepare evening meal
  • A cold breakfast during the week, warm breakfast on Saturdays
  • Kitchen facilities


Qualifications for Volunteers

Family Promise volunteers must complete an orientation and certification specific to working with homeless families in our community. Volunteers are welcome to volunteer at any host site once they are trained in.


What a Typical Host Week Looks Like

  • Sunday: It’s the beginning of a new week at a new host site! A van from Family Promise Rochester will transport the families and their belongings to the host site in the early evening.
  • Families will get situated in their designated areas that have been set up before their arrival, meet the coordinators and volunteers for the evening.
  • Dinner is typically at 6pm and eaten family-style with the families, volunteers, and coordinators.
  • After dinner, families can either choose to go back to their rooms or socialize with volunteers until it’s time to turn in for the evenings.
  • Parents will decide appropriate bed times for their children, and adults turn in around 10pm for the evening.
  • Wake up time is 6am.
  • This is the routine that will be in place for families at each host site.


For More Information…

Phone: (507) 281-3122