Welcome to Family Promise Rochester’s “A PATH FORWARD” campaign! We are making the biggest change this organization has seen since our doors opened in 2001–we have relocated our entire operations to a new facility! Since the start of the global pandemic, Family Promise Rochester has not been effectively able to serve out the mission of helping families experiencing homelessness in our community. That said, our leadership and Board of Directors were forced to think of new and innovative ways to shelter in the face of so much uncertainty.

The Big MOVE from 811 7th St NW to 913 1st St. NW

If you stopped by our day center on 7th Street, you may have noticed the limited space, as well as the safety concerns, when it came to sheltering on-site. After much evaluation we decided to say goodbye to twenty great years at the old location and hello to a new, fresh start closer to downtown.

Static Site: So what does that mean?

At the new location, Family Promise Rochester will be operating a “Static Site”. At this new building we will be able to safely shelter families, operate a day center, house staff, and have room to grow–all while engaging our congregations and volunteers in our mission! Each host/buddy site will continue to provide the same outstanding supports that were provided in our rotational shelter model.

To view our presentation about the PATH FORWARD, please click the link below.


Walk with us on our Path Forward!

We are asking you to consider a gift to advance our mission. Any dollar amount, large or small, will make a significant impact on our quest. As a non-profit organization, we work on a fiscally responsible budget. We embrace a mindset of transparency in all aspects of our organization. We invite questions and appreciate your time and consideration. Thank you for your willingness to join us as we continue toward a world where everyone has a safe home, a strong livelihood and the chance to build a better future!

Check out our giving page to see your donation and how close we are to reaching our goal: https://family-promise-rochester.snwbll.com/a-path-forward

Other ways to give

Text Message: Text the words a-path-forward to 507-246-1123.
Mail: Checks can be made out to Family Promise Rochester and mailed to 913 1st St. NW Rochester, MN 55901.